Ukulele Player's Guide: The Book

Vintage Ukuleles: Buying and Repairing Used Instruments

Ukulele Music: Finding Sheet Music and Recordings

Ukulele Chords: Converting Guitar Chords
to Ukulele Chords

Ukulele Instruction: Basic Music Theory

Why You Need at Least
Four Ukuleles

For Ukulele Players Who Like
Jazz and Show Tunes

Ukulele Book: Where to Buy:
The Ukulele Player's Guide is available at

As you can see from the above chapter list the Ukulele Players Guide is a book that tells you not only a lot of the fundamentals you should know about playing, it also tells you about the great American songs that work so well with the ukulele. If you want to sing, you need the song in a key that suits your range and the book has instructions for changing keys also.


The Author

L. A. White, Jr. came from a musical family but did not take enough lessons to live up to his potential.

He has been revived by his discovery that ukulele players don't always need lessons.

©all rights reserved, L.A.White Jr.