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My recordings of public domain songs are for instructional purposes only, and not for entertainment. Please ignore any sour notes. Check our articles page for more information about these songs. The sheet music for most of these songs are in the UKULELE GUIDE OPEN MIC SONGBOOK shown on the Song Books section of this website. These songs are from the tin-pan-alley era when professional songwriters could become rich from sheet music sales to amateur musicians as well as composing for Broadway and vaudeville. These songwriters were able craftsmen far more accomplished than the performers of today who write their own songs. One of their rules was that each syllable of each word of a song should have only a single note. This gives a crisp Broadway-type sound instead of the wavering around with several notes we hear so commonly today. Most of the time the lyrics were not written by the same person as the one who wrote the music giving strength to what seems to be the weakest link today. For more examples of the music of this era go to the Dixieland section of this website and the Uke News Page.

"Down Among the Sheltering Palms"

"Some of These Days

"The Sheik of Araby"


Love Will Find A Way

"It's All Your Fault"

"Cuddle Up A Little Closer Lovey Mine

"The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi"

"Shine on Harvest Moon"

"I'm Sorry I made You Cry"

"Way Down Yonder in New Orleans"

"Someday Sweetheart"

"After You've Gone"

"Ballin' The Jack"

Rose of Washington Square

Twelfth Street Rag

Baby Won't You Please Come Home

Japanese Sandman

Daddy Wouldn't Buy Me A Bow Wow

Ballin' The Jack with vocal

Hello Ma Baby

Then I'd Be Satisfied With Life

Dixie Banjo Uke

"Whispering" played on hand drum ukulele

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