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Dixie Banjo Ukulele a Mystery
Dixie banjo uke video clip
Dixie Banjo Ukulele: manufacturer unknown.
Hiroyuki one of the greatest uke players
Hiroyuki (Tommy) Tominaga "After You've Gone"
Hiroyuki (Tommy) Tominaga plays ukulele with the Blue Moon Quartet linked on the Dixieland page of this website and also has solo videos which are a little hard to find if you don't spell his name right. He plays guitar also but his uke sounds more j
Thanks a million
Thanks to all our readers for giving us over a million hits per year in 2012, 2013, and 2014. If you want more articles about ukuleles, banjos and tin pan alley, send your requests to
Music Class Projects
Learning music is like learning a foreign language. Experience shows that learning is greatly enhanced by hands-on experiences. Some hands-on projects will be discussed here.
Ukulele Banjos from Hand Drums Homemade
Banjo Ukuleles
Banjo ukulele are basically held together with bolts which means you can make your own customized instrument from off-the- shelf parts such as those shown on the banjo ukulele page of this site.
Ukulele Guide Open Mic Songbook
Ukulele Guide Open Mic Songbook: vintage tin pan alley songs for ukulele.
Most Of the songs in the Ukulele Guide Open Mic Songbook can be heard by clicking on the links on this page. Also check the Music section of this website and listen to the versions there.
Country Music Ukulele
Country Music Ukulele L A (Alward) White Jr live vocal with band and ukulele in Santa Fe NM
L A (Alward) White plays and sings with a great country band live with vocal. As is the case with most country songs this one uses only three chords F, Bb, and C7 but since the uke is tuned to the key of B, the chords are E, A and B7.
L A WHITE JR (Alward White) is featured on soundtrack of KINGS OF THE ROCKPILE a new documentary.
KINGS OF THE ROCKPILE with L A White Jr vocal and ukulele on the soundtrack
L A White Jr (Alward White) of this website, singing and playing the ukulele is featured on the soundtrack of KINGS OF THE ROCKPILE a new documentary by Alex Zuccarelli and Jonathan Ponder which can be viewed in 10 clips on
Bass Ukulele: Kala U-Bass
The real star of the 2010 Lone Star Uke Fest was --- the bass ukulele, mostly the Kala U-Bass which was used as back-up to great effect. This instrument sounds quite like a stand-up bass even though it is about the size of a tenor uke.
Love Will Find A Way by Eubie Blake mp3
Love Will Find A Way mp3
Another great song from the Ukulele Guide Open Mic Songbook composed the American writers Sissle and Blake that you can hear on the lp album THE EIGHTY SIX YEARS OF EUBIE BLAKE.
Ukulele Song Book: Ukulele Guide Open Mic Songbook (CD included) 27 Tin Pan Alley Favorites
Photo of Ukulele Guide Open Mic Songbook
Below are links to video clips of most of the songs in my new songbook the UKULELE GUIDE OPEN MIC SONGBOOK performed by some of the Tin Pan Alley stars who made them famous.
Baby Won't You Please Come Home by the Blue moon Quartet
Baby Won't You Please Come Home by the Blue Moon Quartet
Baby Won't You Please Come Home: Listen to the ukulele.
After You've Gone
After You've Gone
"After You've Gone" with ukulele accompaniment. Check below on this page or the "Music" section of this website for a ukulele mp3 "After You've Gone" version by L A White Jr. The sheet music for the chorus is on the Song Book page of this site.
Ballin' The Jack
Ballin' The Jack
Ballin' The Jack performed by jazz legend Kid Ory
By The Beautiful Sea
By The Beautiful Sea
Billy Murray sings By The Beautiful Sea
Cuddle Up A Little Closer Lovey Mine
Cuddle Up A Little Closer Lovey Mine by the Heftones
Cuddle Up A Little Closer sung by the Heftones
Daddy Wouldn't Buy Me A Bow Wow
Daddy Wouldn't Buy Me A Bow Wow
Daddy Wouldn't Buy Me A Bow Wow sung by Jessie Matthews. It was first performed by Vesta Victoria from England who made it a hit on both sides of the Atlantic. You can find her version on
Down Among The Sheltering Palms
Down Among The Sheltering Palms
Down Among The Sheltering Palms by the Royal Ukulele Band of Hollywood
A Good Man Is Hard To Find
A Good Man Is Hard To Find
A Good Man Is Hard To Find sung by Marion Harris
Hello Ma Baby
Hello Ma Baby
Hello Ma Baby sung by "Michigan J Frog" for the cartoon ONE FROGGY EVENING. For a ukulele banjo version, search under "Evans and Rogers Event".
I'm A Lonesome Little Raindrop
I'm A Lonesome Little Raindrop
Tiny Tim sings "I'm A Lonesome Little Raindrop"
Japanese Sandman
Japanese Sandman
Japanese Sandman with vocal
Look For The Silver Lining
Look For The Silver Lining
"Look For The Silver Lining" sung by Fay Claassen
The Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo
The Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo
English Music Hall Star Charles Coburn sings his great hit, "The Man Who Broke The Bank A Monte Carlo"
Follies star Bert Williams sings his great comedy number "Nobody"
Rose of Washington Square
Rose of Washington Square
Rose of Washington Square by the Red Rose Ragtime Band Listen also to the Crazy Otto piano version and the Alice Faye version that is on the Links page of this website.
Rufus Rastus Johnson Brown
Rufus Rastus Johnson Brown
"Rufus Rastus Johnson Brown", also recorded as "What You Going To Do When The Rent Comes 'Round" by Jimmy Durante, Beatrice Kay and others.
Second Hand Rose
Second Hand Rose
"Second Hand Rose" sung by the great Fanny Brice and later by Barbara Streisand in the movie Funny Girl
Alward White writes a new book "Amarillo by Memory".
Alward White, also known as L A White Jr., the author of this website, wrote about his youth in Amarillo where he attended Amarillo High School. His books are available at Hastings on Georgia and Hertner's Camera Store 6th and Tyler.
Some Of These Days
Some Of These Days
Shelton Brooks classic hit "Some Of These Days" by the V-Tones at the Blackwater uke festival
The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi
The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi
The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi soundie
That's Why they call Me Shine
That's Why They Call Me Shine also known as Shine
"That's Why They Call Me Shine" also known simply as "Shine" sung by Janet Klein. This song was sung by Dooley Wilson in the movie CASABLANCA and before that by Louis Armstrong whose video is on
Twelfth Street Rag
Twelfth Street Rag
By the great Euday Bowman, originally from Texas, Twelfth Street Rag, to wear out your finger nails.
'Way Down Yonder in New Orleans
'Way Down Yonder in New Orleans
"Way Down Yonder In New Orleans" with vocal
Texas Ukulele Festival 2008
Texas Uke Fest
Texas Uke Fest, San Antonio, Texas, 2008 See pictures on this site on the "Performers" page. The Texas Ukulele Festival was held this year on April 17, 18, and 19, 2008
Ukulele in the 1920's
Vintage 1920's ukuleles.
In the decade of the 1920's, more enduring hit songs were written than in any other. Sheet music sales were huge and ukulele chord diagrams were usually included even though the banjo and guitar had been around longer. This was the jazz age and the
American Composers
composers section: more about the composers and links to their music
The best composers and the best music, mostly made in the USA, are fading into obscurity. How has this happened?
Ukulele and Tin Pan Alley
The era of the greatest popularity of the ukulele coincided roughly with that of independent popular music publishing business that was known as Tin Pan Alley. This is significant.
ION USB Turntable and vinyl records.
As you become more familiar with the music that put America on the map you will notice that so far, only a small fraction is currently in print. 78 rpm records are a lot of trouble and per song not too cheap. For a complete selection vinyl is best
Ukulele Fans--Try Leon Redbone
Ukulele songs: Even though Leon Redbone plays the guitar and not the ukulele I believe that ukulele players will find many intersting songs and techniques on his records. His first record ON THE TRACK was released in 1975 and his appearances on Sat
Ukulele Songs You Can Play: "Ja-Da"
mp3 of this song
This song was the first hit for the legendary Ukulele Ike (real name Cliff Edwards), the song which made him a vaudeville star instead of a cafe singer performing for tips. ( He is the one who sings "When You Wish Upon A Star" in the Disney movie.)
Ukulele Song: Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
mp3 of this song is in the music section of this site
Another great song written by Henry Creamer and Turner Layton, mentioned in the paragraph of information concerning "After You've Gone", "'Way Down Yonder In New Orleans" was written in 1922, and has been a jazz standard ever since.
Playing Ukulele Music on Your Guitar
Ukulele chords can be used for playing guitar. Lots of times, when I am out and about, people will say to me, "LA, we know you play the ukulele and write a lot about it, but we have a guitar--can you help us find a way to play ukulele music on our
Tenor Ukuleles May Be Best For Beginners
Tenor ukuleles offer advantages for the new uke or former guitar player.
Ukulele Players Can Adapt To Tenor Banjos and Tenor Guitars For Louder Music
Ukulele players need Information about tenor guitars and tenor banjos which have more volume and a different tone, but can be tuned so that baritone ukulele chords can be used on them.
Ukulele Songs You Can Play: After You've Gone
mp3 of song After You've Gone
Here is a classic Dixieland song vocal with ukulele performed by L A Alward White Jr. The ukulele chords for "After You've Gone" and the sheet music are shown on the SONG BOOKS page of this website.
Extended Text
The ukulele still has a place in American music and there are reasons why it is more suitable for jazz and show music than for folk songs or bluegrass. The ukulele is currently being played by more artists and even in some movies.

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