Bass Ukulele: Kala U-Bass

The amazing U-Bass bass ukulele really rounds out the sound as only a string bass can (until now that is). It is easy to play and comes with or without frets. The secret is in the soft polyethylene strings developed by Owen Holt of the the Road Toad ukulele company. The Kala model is affordable and available; the Road Toad model is in short supply and a lot more expensive. The U-Bass is tuned like a bass guitar so all the tabs for that instrument apply. Unless you are just practicing, you will need a small amplifier such as a Micro-Cube to get some volume. (The instrument comes with a great built-in Shadow brand pickup). Many thanks to Dirje Smith of the Wahooligans who taught a class on playing the bass line at the 2010 Lone Star Uke Fest in Dallas this year giving us the essentials we needed to play this instrument. She sings, writes music and plays the banjo uke and the cello.

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