Texas Ukulele Festival 2008

This was the seventh year for the Texas Uke Fest. I gave a talk on using sheet music and easy ways to convert guitar chords to ukulele chords simple enough so that you can understand even if you can't read music. If you want to sing, it really helps to have the music in the right key for your range. There were sessions and performances by amateurs and pros alike and also an open-mike session for newcomers as well as amateurs. You can see pictures from the 2006 and 2007 Texas Ukulele Festivals on the Performers page on this website. If you want to see and hear me performing "Silver Dollar" go to youtube.com and look me up as L A White Jr. The song is a classic usually played by Dixieland bands and the lyrics are pretty funny. Same goes for "Satisfied With Life" which you can find by entering Texas Uke Fest.

Texas Uke Fest

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