ION USB Turntable and vinyl records.

You may be surprised to learn (assuming you haven't read my book the UKULELE PLAYERS GUIDE) that, with adequate equipment, there is general agreement among the experts that vinyl records sound better than cds. The switch to digital has made it possible to get very high quality record players for under $50.00 and people are practically throwing record albums at you at garage sales. If you mainly want to put the records in digital format so you can play them on your mp3 player then you can get the new ION USB turntable which can be plugged into the USB port on your computer. If the included software won't work you may have to download the free Coaster 1.1 sofware for Mackintosh (which requires you to plug in the turntable to the USB port, restart the computer, and select the external mike input BEFORE you click on the Coaster icon. To use this setup you must also have a stereo system with RCA audio auxiliary inputs to listen while you record. See the picture of this turntable at the bottom of gallery 1 on this site. Its performance could be improved with a quality cartridge which you can get from

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